FastTwitch Enduro Weekend Registration Policy

  • For Bank Payments via RACEYAYA >>Please WRITE NAME and CATEGORY on DEPOSIT SLIP to have your registration verified.
  • No name and category on DEPOSIT SLIP means they will not be processed, and must be re-sent to for verification.
  • Registration Fees are non-transferable, and non-applicable to future races.
  • Refund policy: Send a request letter to
    • Before April 9, 2019, 80% of Fee
    • On or Before May 7, 2019 50% of Fee
    • No more refunds will be accepted after May 7, 2019.
  • Force Majeure. In the event of cancellation or of definitive interruption of the competition for any reason outside the control of the Organizers, and in particular, a cancellation due to any case of force majeure, due to any decisions by public authorities ( in particular for reasons of public health, of safety or of preserving public order ) due to any risks of bad weather or bad weather conditions at the time of the event, the Organizer will incur no liability whatsoever in regard to the competitors and registration fees will not be reimbursed, and will not be applied to future races. The competitors hereby renounce any reclamation right of request for repayment whatsoever, either in the case of a cancellation or of a definitive interruption of the event.

This event is offering tiered pricing based on slot inventory rather than dates. Pricing is volume based and will automatically increase when capacity is reached.

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