GoClark Safe Return to Racing

Covid-19 General Guidelines and Protocols

GoClark Sports and Events Inc. will work closely with local officials to produce a safe and
enjoyable event for all our participants, staff, volunteers, sponsors and the community.

In view of the reclassification of Pampanga to Alert Level 1, and the
subsequent easing of restrictions on most activities, we are heading to
organize individual and non-contact sports like cycling, duathlon and triathlon.

We hereby submit the following measures and protocols for all of us to observe so we can have a fun, safe and hassle-free racing experience:


  1. The event will only be open to Fully-Vaccinated individuals from 15 to 64 years old.
    A vaccination Card will be required to register on the event.
  2. Unvaccinated individuals who wish to join the event must submit a negative RT-PCR test to be
    conducted on their own cost 72 hours before the event.
  3. Fully-contained event area with the use of physical barriers.
  4. Appointment of a Covid-19 Protocol Officer and a Protocol Committee.
  5. Deployment of Protocol Marshalls.
  6. Implementation of minimum covid-19 protocols such as wearing of masks, physical
    distancing and frequent washing and sanitation of hands.
  7. Close coordination with local authorities, in this case CDC, Clark Tourism and Health
    Sanitation Division.


  1. Participants should aim to keep at least two metres distance from other people.
  2. Frequent hand washing by participants using soap and hot water or alcohol-based (at
    least 65–70%) hand rub for 20 seconds;
  3. People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should practice cough etiquette
    (maintain distance of at least one metre, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable
    tissues or clothing, and wash their hands);
  4. Avoid shaking hands or hugging;
  5. Avoid touching their own mouth, nose or eyes.
  6. Sharing of equipment should be prohibited, in particular ensuring that water bottles and cups are not shared.
  7. Anyone who feels unwell (i.e. fever, cough) should stay away from the event!
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