New Clark City Duathlon Registration Policy


  • Before March 12,2023 75% of Fee
  • On or before April 16, 2023, 50% of Fee
  • No more refunds will be accepted after April 16, 2023.
  • Active Processing Fees are not refundable.
  • Send a request letter to


  • We can only accept transfers to another person not later than April 16, 2023.
  • Transfer Fee of P1000
  • Send a request letter to

WARNING!!! An athlete caught using another registered person’s race kit in the competition, or allowing a non-registered person to use his/her kit will be banned from racing GoClark events for a minimum of 2 years.


  • We can only accept transfers to another category not later than April 16, 2023.
  • Transfer Fee of P500 and Pay difference for Upgrade
  • No refunds on downgrades
  • Send a request letter to


  • We can accept deferral of your slot to next year’s race if requested on or before April 16, 2023.
  • Deferral forfeits your right to any kind of refund, or transfer to another person.
  • Deferral of the slot on this race is only applicable on the Clark Triathlon Classic race on 2024.


1. I was injured before the event, can I get a refund? As long your request was done before the refund timeline posted above, you can avail of the refund. Request beyond the April 16, 2023 deadline, you kit is already named for you and we can release it after the race.

2. I got covid-19 near the event and cannot participate, can I get a refund? This also falls under the refund policy. Request beyond the April 16, 2023 deadline means refunds aren’t available anymore. Your kit will be released after the race.

3. I am injured/unfit/got covid19, can I transfer my kit to someone else? If your request is on or before March 9, 2023, we can process the transfer without any questions. Just pay the transfer fee of P700. If the request is beyond April 16, 2023, a kit has already been named for you and if you cannot race, we will keep it until you can claim it after the race.

4. I did not get the training I wanted for the longer distance, can I switch to the shorter category? You can freely request category transfer until April 16, 2023. Just pay the processing fee to initiate transfer. Requests beyond April 16, 2023 will not be honored.

We hope you understand that at a timeline near the race, the funds that you paid for your registration has already been used for race supplies, permits and any other expenses that the organizer will use in producing the event.

Force Majeure. In the event of cancellation or of definitive interruption of the competition for any reason outside the control of the Organizers, and in particular, a cancellation due to any case of force majeure, due to any decisions by public authorities ( in particular for reasons of public health, of safety or of preserving public order ) due to any risks of bad weather or bad weather conditions at the time of the event, the Organizer will incur no liability whatsoever in regard to the competitors and registration fees will not be reimbursed, and will not be applied to future races. The competitors hereby renounce any reclamation right of request for repayment whatsoever, either in the case of a cancellation or of a definitive interruption of the event.

Pandemic-related Policy: While GoClark Sports and Events is committed to planning and organizing all our scheduled events in 2022, we don’t know the extent to which our lineup will continue to be impacted by the pandemic.

Depending on the Alert Level Status on race week, additional protocols maybe required (RT-PCT tests to be submitted at your own cost).

In case of cancellation, we can offer refunds based on the refund policy we have posted above. In case that refunds are no longer allowed, we can issue free deferral to next year’s event.

Kindly understand that organizing events in the new normal have risks and situations have become fluid due to protocols and restrictions mandated by Health Authorities. We, at GoClark are trying our best to offer you a enjoyable but safe racing experience in the new normal.

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